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The decision to remove a tree from your yard can be a tough but necessary one, as it is a vital part of maintenance for both commercial and residential property. When all else fails and tree removal is the only solution, look no further than Doug Petersen Tree Service of Sacramento, CA. Their team of experts has years of experience, and they use nothing but state-of-the-art tree cutting equipment to take on any tree removal job, no matter how big the tree may be.

There are numerous reasons tree removal might be necessary. When a tree is dying or is already dead, it runs the risk of falling and causing property damage. A diseased tree can continue to grow with an infestation, but even so, the tree will not be able to fight off the illness as it grows. The more it grows, the weaker its structure becomes and the more likely it is to fall.

There are many scenarios in which healthy trees must be removed as well. For example, a tree with a fast growth rate in a small space runs the risk of rupturing nearby structures, as the roots do not have enough room to grow in that contained space. The most common reason for tree removal, however, is due to remodeling projects. If you are installing a deck, adding another room, or completely renovating your yard, and a tree is inconveniently located, there is no other recourse but to cut it down.

In addition to their premier tree removal service, the renowned team at Doug Petersen Tree Service will also remove unwanted stumps. Not only are stumps an eyesore, their roots continue to grow and contribute to the risk of property damage. In addition, stumps are a factor in the spreading of termites. While stump removal techniques are numerous, they use advanced stump grinding methods that are fast, less labor intensive, and leave small holes.

At Doug Petersen Tree Service of Sacramento, CA, their mission first and foremost is to satisfy all of your needs and requirements. Call them today and they will leave your yard looking immaculate!

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