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While there are a number of reasons to remove a tree from your yard, there is certainly no reason that is as urgent as a tree that runs the risk of causing property damage, particularly when that property is yours or a neighbor’s. A large tree with long branches looming over your house is an obvious example of a potential hazard. Tree cutting and branch removal are dangerous undertakings that require the service of professionals, like the renowned team at Doug Petersen Tree Service.

While there is an art to tree pruning, it is also a risky undertaking, especially when trimming large branches that are in close proximity to buildings, above cars and potential pedestrians, or if electrical power lines run through them. As part of their emergency tree service, the team at Doug Petersen Tree Service will remove any large branches quickly and safely. You can rest assured that when you choose Doug Petersen Tree Service, you are getting the best emergency tree service in the Sacramento, CA area.

Another example of a hazardous tree is one that is dying or diseased. As the tree continues to grow, its illness will continue to weaken its structure, thereby increasing the risk of obstruction or damage to nearby property. Compound that hazard with inclement weather conditions and the potential hazard increases drastically. The emergency tree service at Doug Petersen Tree Service will keep your family and property safe, and save you a world of trouble!

While sick trees can be an eyesore and a hindrance as far as property value goes, they also pose a tremendous safety hazard, especially during harsh weather conditions. When you choose Doug Petersen Tree Service, you know you are getting the finest emergency tree removal service in Sacramento, CA.

Call them today and safeguard your property for years to come!

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